I'M A MESS!! ft Nikki Lipstick / REBEL CIRCUS

High Waisted Denim Shorts- STYLE MOI
Platforms- ZAFUL
90's tattoo choker- STYLE MOI

Hey guys:)
These photos were shot at 2am! There are some days where I just can't sleep.... okay maybe everyday. I'm going through a lot of challenges in life right now and this shirt sums it up. I just wanted to have fun and light up something. Sparklers never let me down!

Photographer: Priscilla Delgado

Lace for Sunday Brunch

Off White Back Tie Lace Dress- OASAP

You Give Love A Bad Name

Black Velveteen Lipstick- LIMECRIME
Gypsy Tribe Earrings- ISABELLA RAE JEWELRY
90's Tattoo Choker- STYLE MOI
Bon Jovi Tee- STYLE MOI
Plaid Chiffon Maxi Shirt Dress- STYLE MOI
Lace Up High Waist Shorts- STYLE MOI
Iridescent Creepers- T.U.K.

Something you might not know about me is that I used to work at a Hardware store for three years. They played a lot of classic rock and the songs grew on me to the point where I would go home and actually research them or check them out on YouTube. Bon Jovi was one of those bands. They made some unforgettable songs.

Photographer: Melisa Gonzalez

Reminiscing With Melisa

Black Velvet Lipstick- LIMECRIME
90's Tattoo Choker- STYLE MOI
Sun and Moon Bodycon Dress- STYLE MOI
Free Flash Tattoo- STYLE MOI
Iridescent Creepers- T.U.K.

Today's shoot was super awesomely random! My friend Melisa and I went vintage shopping but while we were walking inside one of the stores she told me to put on my jacket. I was kind of confused until she held up her camera. That's when I knew she really thought outside the box and got creative! 
We shot at a new store called Grumps Garage down in Main Street, Lake Elsinore. He had a lot of cool stuff! There were even some awesome records I might come back to have my sister take a look because she loves those.
There's something about this print that takes me back in old memories. My Mom used to have these clay moldings of the sun and moon when I was younger. I don't know what happened to them but I always thought they were lovely. Besides the print, this dress is stretchy and helps define my figure. I added the choker for memory purposes as well. These little chokers used to be in coin machines when I was younger, glad I could get them again!
Nothing like reminiscing ♥

Photographer: Melisa Gonzales

Heat Wave

Faux Leather Peep Toe Platform- FOREVER21
The Phoenix Statement Necklace- ISABELLA RAE JEWELRY

Boyfriend Jeans

Boyfriend Jeans- OASAP
Bucket Fringe Bag- MMS DESIGN STUDIO
Heels- FOREVER21

I normally wear high waisted bottoms because it's more flattering to my body shape. These boyfriends jeans are really low rise and baggy I'm not sure if it suits me. Although, I was pretty comfortable wearing them! Let me know what you guys think. 

Photographer- Melisa Gonzales

Thank You For The Tragedy, I Need It For My Art

Shorts- OASAP
Fringe Bucket Bag- MMS DESIGN STUDIO
Platforms- T.U.K.

If you knew me well you would know that I love studded clothing. I couldn't pass up getting these shorts! I usually stud shorts myself but getting these save a whole of time. They are a bit cheeky but it's okay wearing them with tights. The studs have survived in the wash so that's a huge plus in quality.
I have been listening to a lot of Nirvana lately so I brought my old thrifted tee back out and threw it on. Kurt's voice is lovely ♥ I miss being in a band and covering their songs. 

The Good & The Bad ☯ // OASAP

Denim- OASAP

STYLE MOI Full Outfit

Leggings- STYLE MOI
Platforms- T.U.K.

Taylor Momsen Inspired // Style Moi

Metallic Slip Mini Dress- STYLE MOI
Caged Bra- STYLE MOI
Platforms- FOREVER 21

Spring Breaker // OASAP

Pansy Lipstick- LIMECRIME
Front-tie floral slit dress- OASAP
Necklace- DRESSGAL
Extreme Platform Boots- MISSGUIDED

 Hey loves! 
Nothing is more flirty than this front-tie floral dress on a Saturday evening in Spring. The slits along my arm add awesome detail that are really unique. I added a trendy coin necklace that has the perfect amount of layering to complete the look. 
I hope you all had a great weekend! Mine was packed with skateboarding, Furious 7, and hanging out with my sister who is pictured above. She helps me with my photos! Thanks Silla ♥
See you guys in my next posts!